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Passionate, Conversational and Comfortable, with a dash of humor! 

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HyperFrontal Productions - A Company of Artists started out in 2015 as a small photography services provider. Since its conception, the company has been working towards creating a brand unlike any other content producers out there!

 “A dreamer rises above their inherent fearfulness that they will always produce inferior work and grants oneself a license to put forth their best effort” -  Kilroy J. Oldster ,  Dead Toad Scrolls .     

The company was founded by artist and photographer, Jasbir John Singh. Jasbir is an associate member of the  Association of Photographers (UK). In 2016, Lens Culture featured his abstract project, INTENTIONS, during the prestigious Emerging Talent Awards. He has contributed his photographic art work as an illustrator for internationally published books and other print media. He was, also, a participant of History Channel Asia's Photo Face-Off (Season 4).  HyperFrontal Productions is built on Jasbir's belief in creative integrity. Art comes first before anything else, even business. He currently works with many celebrities and art houses, and is involved in a number of film and theater projects.


HyperFrontal Productions is always evolving and as of 2017, the company has turned into a creative production house. We do not just work on portraits and weddings, it is now a one-stop solution for businesses looking for content creators as well.

We have provided content for national events, international brands, celebrities and so much more (check out our index of galleries for more information).

The year 2017 also saw the introduction of Bedtime Tales Inc., our more artistic counter-part. Under Bedtime Tales Inc., the company hopes to organize art shows, produce films and documentaries, and feature other creative individuals. Bedtime Tales Inc. will have its soft launch in 2018.


While HyperFrontal Productions maintains itself as a registered business that provides creative content, the company is run on the principle discipline that nothing is above Art.  

Since we cater to a wide variety of clientele, we practice our craft on a daily basis. We do not just pick any freelancers and get them to work with us on a pay-per-assignment basis. Our freelancers are contracted with us as interns who go through courses and lessons with us. 

We are, also, not the kind of company that simply shoves a contract and charge our clients exuberant sums. We develop key ideas through several meetings and only then do we give a quotation (all our quotation comes with a detailed breakdown of cost). 

It is not the one-time payment that excites us, we build relationships with our clients be it personal or commercial by offering attractive packages and long-term contracts that greatly reduces the cost of hiring us over and over again.

Our process is passionate, conversational and comfortable for anyone or any company that is willing to trust in our artistry.